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Was it streaming, cable, or broadcast? The January numbers are in on how America is watching TV. Find out later in this email.

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📺️ Streaming in January: YouTube, Netflix Lead the Way

As big streaming companies fight to find profitability, it’s clear that the medium is leaving cable and broadcast TV in the dust.

But how is America watching TV? And which streaming companies hold the biggest market share at present?

Among all TV watching, Streaming (36.0%) led the way followed by cable (27.9%), broadcast (24.2%) and other (11.8%).

Here’s how the share of the streaming market looked in January. Keep in mind these percentages represent the share of all video consumption, not just within streaming:

1. YouTube: 8.6%
2. Netflix: 7.9%
3. Prime Video: 2.8%
4. Hulu: 2.7%
5. Disney: 1.9%
6. Peacock: 1.6%
7. Tubi: 1.5%
8. Max: 1.3%
9. Paramount+: 0.9%
10. Pluto TV: 0.7%
Other: 5.3%

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💸 516: Number of scripted TV shows in the U.S. across broadcast, cable and streaming in 2023. That’s a big number, but it’s 14% smaller than 2022. The Hollywood writer’s strike and the streaming industry’s shift toward profitability are major reasons why.

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