10 best new Costco products in February (2 13 24)

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Costco Wholesale warehouse

Pantry empty after watching the Super Bowl? Costco offers a great deal on a sweet heat snack. Plus, get your Valentine’s Day goodies like Clark and grab a deal on a faux leather pet bed. Read more.

Series I Bond

February is an opportune time to sell Series I bonds. Especially if you bought when they paid more than 9%. Here’s why – and how to navigate the complex rules. Read more.

Money questions finance

A Clark listener has enough savings to pay off her vehicle right now. But should she wipe out 75% of her emergency fund to do so? And what factors should she consider? Read more.


Years ago, renting could only hurt your credit score. Now you can boost your credit by paying on time. But you need outside help to make it happen. Read more.

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  • Mortgage calculator: Estimates your monthly payments based on factors such as down payment, loan term and interest rate.

  • Mortgage refinance calculator: Compare your current mortgage to your refinanced mortgage offer.

  • Mortgage points calculator: Determine whether it’s worth paying mortgage points, or discount points, at the time you close your loan in exchange for a lower interest rate.

  • Home equity loan calculator: Find out how much you’d pay per month.

  • HELOC calculator: Get a layout of your monthly payment amount and lifetime interest.

  • Loan to value calculator: Understand your borrowing capacity against the value of your home.

  • Car loan calculator: Estimate your monthly car payment and total loan cost including taxes and fees.

  • High-yield savings calculator: Tinker with your interest rate, current balance, recurring deposits and timeframe and see how much money you’ll have saved.

  • 401(k) calculator with match: Estimate how much money you may have in your 401(k) account at the time of your retirement.

  • Roth IRA growth calculator: See how much your Roth IRA will grow based on your contributions and expected return.

  • Roth IRA vs. traditional IRA calculator: Compare your future retirement account balance based on whether you contribute to a Roth or traditional IRA.

  • Compound interest calculator: See how much your investments will grow over time.

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💸 21: Years since the United States imported more goods from Mexico than from China. The U.S. imported more than $475 billion from Mexico in 2023 (+5%) and $427 billion from China (-20%). It’s the first time that’s happened since 2002.

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Is it possible to find affordable waterfront real estate? There’s a new trend that makes you feel like you’re living at the beach at a fraction of the price! Also, Clark has great news for teenagers and their wallets.

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