10 best new products at Costco this month (3 8 24)

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Costco Wholesale warehouse

A beast of a well-reviewed blender, a huge discount on Crocs and a backyard cornhole set are among the best new items at Costco this month. Read more.


Pharmacists are human and sometimes make mistakes. These simple steps could save your life one day. Read more.

Money questions finance

Are you saving for a house, a car or another big item? Clark explains whether you should invest, hold the money in a savings account or do something else. Read more.

Sending money

There’s no shortage of options if you need to send money these days – even out of the country. But Clark says these two specialist options probably are the best solution. Read more.

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🛎️ 26%: The increase in hotel parking revenue on a per-room basis from 2019 to 2023 according to a CBRE survey that the Wall Street Journal cited. Some hotels disclose parking costs when you book, but online travel agencies almost never do.

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In this Clark-o-nomics segment, Clark dives into a worrisome topic. How do you keep your money safe in a potentially volatile economic environment? Also, facial recognition is increasingly showing up in airports. Clark shares everything you need to know before your next trip.

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