10 states paying higher property taxes (2 15 24)

Later in this email, find out what every major cell phone carrier offers you on international trips (data, texts, minutes) – and why you may want to consider alternate options.

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☎️ International Phone Plans For 3 Major Carriers, Other Options

We’ve all come home from a major vacation and felt a tinge of consternation when we check our financial accounts.

But getting an unexpected bill for hundreds of dollars (or more) in international phone charges can be especially stunning.

Clark strongly recommends using Google Fi Wireless or purchasing a local SIM card or eSIM when you arrive at your destination. Here’s our analysis of the best international phone plans.

Just in case, here’s a quick look at the standard international data plans for the major cell phone providers.


  • Pay-per-use rates listed here. Example: $4/min for calls to or from Australia.

  • International Day Pass: $10/day for unlimited talk and text, plus your normal high-speed data plan.



  • Pay as You Go (pay per minute, per text and per MB of data used) unless you pre-buy a travel plan. Pay as You Go example: $1.79/min and $2.05 per MB in Australia.

  • TravelPass: $10/day outside of Canada and Mexico. Use your plan’s normal talk, text and data allowances.

  • $100 International Monthly Plan: Unlimited data and texts, 20GB of high-speed data and 250 minutes.

  • $20 International Monthly Plan: 50MB of data for select cruise ships and airplanes.

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