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Are you planning to book a hotel room? Don’t do so until you hear what Clark has to say later on in this email.

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💵 How To Book a Hotel Depending on Whether Your Itinerary Is Fixed

Gerald in Alabama asked Clark on the March 25 podcast episode whether he should book hotels ahead of time or day by day during an upcoming trip.

Clark broke down the two options.

Fixed Itinerary: If you know where you’re going to be and on what date, it’s useful to book your accommodations ahead of time, Clark says. Make sure it’s a refundable booking (without any penalty one to three days before arrival) and re-shop the rate as you get close to your trip.

Fluid Itinerary: You probably know where you’ll be on the first and last night of your trip. So book those in advance. In a book-as-you-go situation, Clark has a favorite resource.

“I find that the best booking engine out there – not every time, but I find consistently – it is the lowest cost – is using Priceline as you’re going,” Clark says.

“Often my oldest brother and his wife will be on a road trip. And my brother will call me and say, ‘We’re starting to get tired. What do you suggest?’ And I’ll go online and I’ll say OK, well if you drive to this town, there’s this available in that town,’ and I end up finding the thing for him and they book at the last minute.

“Because the prices, weirdly, on a road trip in a 20-mile radius as you’re driving up the interstate, there can be enormous differences from one exit to another. What’s available and what competitive prices are available.”

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💸 119: Number of billionaires in New York City. That’s the most in the world, ahead of London (97), Mumbai (92) and Beijing (91). San Francisco (52) ranks 10th in the world.

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The United States is the largest producer of oil in the world. What does this mean for our economy and gas prices? Clark shares his take. Also, Clark has been a fan of vertical farming for years. He explains why it’s so great and the impacts it will likely make for farmers, at our grocery stores, and in our wallets.

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