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Clark has warned consumers about the pratfalls of certain gym membership contracts for years. But there’s a new warning on an industry aiming for your wallet. Keep scrolling to learn more.

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🚘️ Be Wary of the New Car Wash Subscription Fad

Clark has warned consumers about the pratfalls of certain gym membership contracts for years.

There’s an entire cottage industry around helping you find and cancel subscriptions that you’re not actually using. Many shopping, streaming, music, cloud storage and media companies thrive on customers paying for but not actually using the product.

Can you guess the latest insidious subscription model that’s counting on you to not use what you’re paying for? It’s car washes. There are now 60,000 locations as expanding companies find the subscription model profitable.

“They’re trying to get you into a subscription,” Clark says. “They’re opening and expanding like crazy just to sell subscriptions. Some cities are limiting or banning more car washes because they’re unsightly.”

Clark’s wife and son each subscribed to one of these car wash programs, although his son canceled. They often charge $20 a month, perhaps after a short promotional period. And a basic car wash often sells for $10.

Do the math and know yourself. But unless you’re an anomaly, chances are your local car wash will see dollar signs if you do what they want and sign up for these subscriptions.

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