3 places you should never invest your money (5 21 24)

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Investment Mistake

Clark’s blood boils when he thinks about the deception and greed-driven fees that are common at these institutions. He implores you to never invest here. Read more.


Lost luggage is an even bigger issue than ever. Should you do something to track your checked baggage? Or is it better to follow Clark’s key travel rule? Read more.


A much-anticipated vacation can quickly get interrupted or canceled unexpectedly. But does “cancel for any reason” really mean for any reason? We explain how it works, where to buy it, and more importantly, where NOT to buy it.Tease copy goes here. Read more.


If you need a new grill, here’s the best time and place to buy one! Read more.

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Is the Platinum Card from American Express worth it?

We just updated our Amex Platinum card review. With a $695 annual fee, this card is one of the most expensive rewards cards on the market. We want to hear from you: is it worth it?

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📺️ 40 million: The number of people who subscribed to Netflix’s ad-supported streaming tier. That number is nearly double what the streaming giant reported in January. Clark is a big fan of ad-supported streaming as a way to reduce your monthly bill.

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Did you hear about the T-Mobile customer who received a six-figure bill after an international trip? It’s crazy! Clark has the tips you need to know before you use your phone abroad. Also, there’s a new warning of a scam trying to collect money you don’t owe. Whether you’re a daily commuter or planning to rent a car soon, it may impact your wallet. Clark shares what’s going on and how you can protect yourself.

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