5 tax scams to avoid (2 12 24)

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Here are some common tax scams that you need to avoid this year to keep your money safe. Read more.


Clark installed his home security system himself. Team Clark put together this list of affordable systems and what you need to know to do it yourself like Clark. Read more.

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Stream TV sports

YouTube TV just got a huge competitor in the live sports streaming world. Sports on channels like ESPN, TNT, TBS and FS1 will be under the umbrella of this new service. Read more.


The average 65-year-old couple will spend $315,000 on medical expenses in retirement. And that figure is only going up. Here’s the best way to save and plan for future medical expenses. Read more.


Accident forgiveness can prevent your insurance premiums from spiking 49%. In a time where rates are already soaring, it may be worth considering – on the right terms. Read more.

🏠️ Today’s Current Mortgage Rates

According to Freddie Mac, 30-year mortgage rates are 6.64% and 15-year rates are 5.90% as of February 8, 2024. The following chart shows the 30-year mortgage rate trend over the last year.

Mortgage Rates
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I’d be terrible on Shark Tank. Because I’m so optimistic. I’d love every pitch. I’d have a lot of trouble being discerning because I just love the enthusiasm of somebody who comes up with an idea and is trying to make it work. I’d be a bust on that show. And I wouldn’t know how to be mean to people.

Clark Howard, Feb. 8 Podcast
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🏫 +1.2%: The increase in undergraduate students at American colleges and universities this fall. It’s the first enrollment increase since the coronavirus pandemic. Still, enrollment is down by more than 1 million students vs. five years ago.

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It’s time for "Clark Stinks!" Christa reads the latest "Clark Stinks!" submissions and Clark responds. Also, smartphones can be really addicting. Clark explains why it’s important to take breaks and his process for distancing himself from technology.

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The Team Clark Consumer Action Center is a free helpline that can help you navigate your money questions. Call 636-492-5275. Visit clark.com/cac for more information.

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