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You can save money without changing your lifestyle simply by re-shopping these five expenses and finding a cheaper company. Read more.


We compare six popular live TV streaming services on price, channel selection, DVR hours and more. Plus, Clark reveals his family’s favorite. Read more.

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The age-old wisdom that you need to pay off your mortgage before you bag work is no longer true if you have a super-low interest rate from the recent past. Read more.

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With prepaid plans as low as $6 a month, access to T-Mobile and Verizon networks and a reputation for good customer service, US Mobile is one of the best cheap phone plans. Read more.

Wells Fargo

There’s a new 2% cash back credit card on the market. Should you add it to your wallet for your business? Read more.

🎉 5 Can't-Miss Deals Today

From credit cards to phone plans to streaming services, here are the top five limited-time deals as of May 3, 2024.

Credit Cards

Phone Plans

  • Consumer Cellular: Buy your first month of service and get your second month free with promo code MONTHFREE.

  • Mint Mobile: All plans are $15 per month for a limited time, including unlimited (new customers only).

  • Visible: Get your first three months of service for $15/month with promo code MOOLAH (new customers only).


  • YouTube TV: Save up to $215 on NFL Sunday Ticket and YouTube TV.

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🌋 $6,000: The value of the gold that the volcano Mount Erebus spews on a daily basis. Talk about making it rain. Before you get any ideas of a modern-day gold rush, though, it’s located in Antarctica. And researchers have found gold dust in the air up to 621 miles away.

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This episode is all about protecting your wallet. If you buy or sell items on Facebook Marketplace, there are several red flags that you really need to know. Also, artificial intelligence (AI) has created a lot of positive innovation, but there’s a new way criminals are manipulating technology to rob consumers. Voice cloning is a very real and scary threat to our wallets.

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