5 tips to protect your digital privacy (2 6 24)

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Don’t wait until a hacker is trying to use your personal data to steal your money. Here’s how you can proactively protect your digital privacy (and your money). Read more.


The housing market still is tough despite mortgage rates slowly improving. Is it safe to buy a foreclosed home from a lender? Read more.

4% Rule

Experts often debate about the 4% rule. Should you target a lower annual withdrawal percentage in retirement? And what factors impact whether your retirement savings will last? Read more.

Streaming TV

Do you love free streaming TV options as much as Clark? Our streaming expert says this option is worth checking out, but there’s a catch. Read more.

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“I will not go through a drive-thru except if I’m threatened. It’s just not gonna happen.”

Clark Howard, Jan. 19 podcast
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💸 $400,000: The annual compensation package that top Walmart managers can now earn. Walmart announced managers can now earn $20,000 in stock and up to 200% of their salary in bonuses.

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Negative headlines and topics in our daily lives can lead us to feel pessimistic about our health, state, country and economy. Instead of focusing on the bad, Clark shares his optimistic take on our world. Also, colleges are struggling to fill enrollments. If you have a kid in high school, there are strategies you can use to stretch every college dollar.

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