9 items on deep discount in February (2 1 24)

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Big-screen TVs on the cheap are all the rage in February – just in time for Super Bowl LVIII. We’re also tipping you off to discounts on Valentine’s Day, cruises, space heaters and more. Read more.


Four-year degrees can be brutally expensive. Fortunately, these jobs pay $80,000 or more and don’t require one. Dental hygienist, elevator repair and air traffic controller are just a few options. Read more.


What are the consequences of borrowing money to buy nice things if you can afford the payments? They may be bigger than you imagine. Read more.

Google Flights

Clark.com’s travel expert says Google Flights should be the first place you go to look for airfare. Here are some tricks of the trade to maximize Google’s valuable tool. Read more.

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🐛 1 trillion+: The number of cicadas that should emerge this spring. Brood XIII and Brood XIX, full of the buzzy insects, emerge from underground every 13 and 17 years, respectively. They’ll come out together for the first time since 1803 (and won’t again until 2245). Cicadas can damage trees.

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Credit card debt can make you feel hopeless. But there is hope! Clark walks through the step-by-step way to pay down debt and achieve financial freedom. Also, the car market has been a mess for years, but it’s getting better for our wallets! Clark explains what he’s seeing on vehicle prices and if you can find a real deal.

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