How to avoid paying full price for Apple products (5 30 24)

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Apple iPhone

Clark pokes fun at people who buy the latest and greatest from Apple. But several members of Team Clark are fans of the company. If it’s Apple or nothing for you, here’s how to do it. Read more.

Series I Bond

While I bond variable rates are decreasing, the fixed rate is really appealing -- and lasts the life of the bond. If you purchased I bonds when the fixed rate was 0%, what should you do? Clark shares a strategy you need to know. Read more.


Comcast just announced a new bundle package, but there’s a big catch. Find out what it costs, what it includes, and when it’s available. Read more.

Credit cards and cash

Cash back is one of Clark’s favorite rewards for using credit cards. With so many options, which card is best? Our credit card expert handpicked the best cards for you to consider. Read more.

Streaming TV price hike

The budget-friendly live TV streaming service will be increasing its subscription fee for customers in June. But it’s not all bad news. Here’s everything you need to know. Read more.

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💸 14.2%: The total average 401(k) savings rate, according to recent research from Fidelity. This is a record high and is close to Fidelity’s recommendation of 15% which includes both employee and employer contributions.

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The giant monster mega banks are (finally) offering more interest now. Is it OK to stash your cash there? Clark has better alternatives. Also, small business owners are having a hard time when it comes to borrowing money. But there’s an interesting option that Clark thinks may work for some.

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