Best car colors for resale (5 28 24)

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Many people consider color when buying a car. Here are the facts on how color impacts a vehicle’s value. Read more.

Debit Card

Clark has advised consumers to avoid paying with debit cards for years. But there’s a big reason why he may change his mind about using it at the cash register. Find out what is causing Clark to consider breaking his longstanding rule. Read more.


Many of us have used the same email address for decades. But is it safer to use a different email for our banking and investing? Clark shares his take and some of his favorite privacy-protecting email providers. Read more.


Are you looking for a travel rewards credit card that doesn’t break your budget with a high annual fee? This card is worth considering. Read more.

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🏫 29%: The percentage of Americans who don’t think a college degree is worth the cost, according to a survey by Pew Research Center. Only 25% believe that having a college degree is important.

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We often see lists of the best auto insurance companies, but now Clark has discovered an industry database for body shops that rates insurers according to how claims are handled.

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