Best and worst days to buy gas (5 23 24)

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Trying to avoid sticker shock at the gas pump? This research shows the best and worst days to fill up or top off your gas tank. Read more.

Social Security

New data predicts the year that both Social Security and Medicare benefits will likely stop being able to pay 100% of benefits -- and it's sooner than you may think. Clark explains what’s going on and shares his take on the news. Read more.

First Class

Many discount airlines offer the opportunity for you to bid on an upgrade to first class. How does it work and is it possible to score a deal? Clark shares his strategy. Read more.

Cell phone blue

You can hardly get a meal at McDonald’s for the cost of this cheap phone plan. But should you switch? Our cell phone expert tested it for 30 days and shares who should consider it. Read more.

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🍟 $5: The price of the new value meal from McDonald’s. It starts on June 25 but will only last one month. Clark recently shared that he spent $21 on a meal at McDonald’s with his wife, Lane!

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I bonds have been a really popular place to park cash over the last few years because of the high interest rate. The rate was 9.62% in 2022, but the fixed rate was 0%. Now, the rate is 4.28% – but the new 1.3% fixed rate is set for the life of the bond. If you purchased I bonds in the last few years, what should you do? Clark shares a key strategy to help you earn the most on your money. Also, “no show” fees are popping up at restaurants, hair salons, and other common places. Clark explains what you need to know before you book an appointment.

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