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Memorial Day is a time we remember people who lost their lives paying the ultimate sacrifice for your and my freedom. Yes, it’s a Monday holiday, unofficial kickoff to summer, but don’t forget why we have this day because of those brave men and women who lost their lives for you and me to be free.

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Painting your home can be great for curb appeal, but not all paints are created equal! Find out the best and worst brands before you start this big project. Read more.

Made in USA

If you’re in the patriotic spirit or just want to support American small businesses, here’s a list of companies to consider! Read more.

Retirement couple savings

This couple had nine months of income saved in their early 50s. Despite some setbacks, they were able to retire at 70 years old. Read more.

Cell Phone

Old cell phones can be toxic for the environment, so it’s not great to throw them away. You could sell them. But why not consider donating them to a good cause instead? Read more.

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According to Freddie Mac, 30-year mortgage rates are 6.94% and 15-year rates are 6.24% as of May 23, 2024. The following chart shows the 30-year mortgage rate trend over the last year.

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💸 26%: The percentage of American jobs that retail supports, according to a study by PwC for the National Retail Federation. That’s roughly 55 million jobs.

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It’s time for "Clark Stinks!" Christa reads the latest "Clark Stinks!" submissions and Clark responds. Also, a recent survey discovered that 60% of adults continue to receive financial support from their parents. On average, parents are giving kids $1,384/month. When is it time to financially cut off adult children?

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