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Do people still go to physical bank locations? Find out why there is a decline in branch locations later on in this email.

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🏦 Putting a Number to the Decline in Physical Bank Locations

When was the last time you went inside a bank branch?

That’s the litmus test Clark usually throws out to skeptics who aren’t sure if it’s wise to go to an online-only bank.

Banks that don’t have to worry about the overhead of physical locations tend to offer better interest rates, fewer fees and other perks to customers. But now the data exists to back Clark’s assertions.

Per FDIC data, 12,968 fewer bank branches existed in 2023 vs. the all-time peak in 2012. That’s a 15.6% decline in little more than a decade.

The decline did slow the last two years. And Chase Bank shirked the recent trend by announcing 500 new branches.

Still, banking and other financial businesses are fast becoming online-first.

Want to consider making a switch or re-shopping your bank? Check out Team Clark’s articles on the best online checking and savings accounts right now.

📊 Stat of the Day

💸 41%: The share of near-retirees (55 to 65 years old) who failed a recent Mass Mutal true/false quiz about Social Security. Another 37% scored a D on the quiz. Just 38% realized Social Security money is subject to income tax and 65% of people did not have a will in place.

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