Can Mark Cuban’s prescription company save you money? (5 6 24)

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Mark Cuban’s prescription company offers transparent pricing and no insurance needed. Here’s why Clark loves it and a list of the top 10 drugs with the biggest discounts. Read more.

Travel Fund

Here’s how to avoid sneaky fees, convert to local currency and ensure your credit cards work. Read more.

Credit cards and cash

If you are looking for a travel credit card, this offer is worth considering! Read more.

Phone Booth

Get approached by a cell phone salesperson while browsing for free samples and loading your cart? Here’s why – and why you probably shouldn’t listen to their promises. Read more.

Life Insurance

You get some protection in case this happens. But following Clark’s rule when picking your insurance company can save you stress and money. Read more.


Buy one month, get one free. An unlimited plan for $15. These are just a few of the deals you can find on phone plans this month. But they end soon. Read more.

💰️ Gift Card Crime Is Growing Fast

[Gift card] crime is growing so fast. If I wasn’t so cheap, I would burn up a $20 [bill] right now on camera. But I want that impression in your mind. That’s what you’re doing when you buy gift cards. Every dollar you’re putting into them you might as well light a match to it. Because the crime is going so fast, the system is so flawed and the money is so gone.

Clark Howard, May 3 podcast
🏠️ Today’s Current Mortgage Rates

According to Freddie Mac, 30-year mortgage rates are 7.22% and 15-year rates are 6.47% as of May 2, 2024. The following chart shows the 30-year mortgage rate trend over the last year.

Mortgage Rates
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⛽️ $3.63: The nation’s average price of gasoline per gallon as of April 29, 2024, according to GasBuddy. This is an increase of more than eight cents from a month ago, but it’s four cents cheaper than a year ago.

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Mothers Day
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It’s time for "Clark Stinks!" Christa reads the latest "Clark Stinks!" submissions and Clark responds. Also, Clark has long disliked gift cards because they can be difficult to actually use and they can be full of scams like “card draining.” Clark explains how this scam works and how you can protect your wallet.

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