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Later in this email, find out why you should never Google a customer service phone number.

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☎️ Clark: Don’t Run a Google Search for a Company Phone Number

Keeping track of every possible scam is harder than drinking water out of a firehose.

But we try to keep you informed of some of the bigger scams that target consumers.

In today’s podcast, Clark explained how crooks manipulate Google search results to scam you when you’re looking for help:

“This is a never rule. Never Google a company’s phone number. Because those results are wrong. I don’t know if it’s 100% of the time or 99% of the time.

“You are going to have scamsters who pop up who have figured out how to manipulate search results and the phone numbers there take you directly to scammers. Not to the company you’re trying to reach.

“Go to the website of a company itself and they try to hide their phone numbers. But you should be able to find them with some work. And then you call them. But never trust a phone number from any search ever, not ever.”

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