Is Costco better than Sam’s Club and BJ’s? (3 22 24)

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Costco Wholesale warehouse

We all know about Clark’s obsession with Costco. But does he like it better than Sam’s Club and BJ’s? And how do the three compare? Read more.


The home market is in a fascinating (and for many, frustrating) lockup. Here are Clark’s predictions for home prices and trends in 2024. Read more.

Booking flights online

It’s much easier to find a deal when you’re flexible on dates and destinations. But there are still things you can do if you suddenly have to take a flight to a specific place. Read more.

Credit Card

Metal credit cards can be cool to use but aren’t easy to destroy. Team Clark gives you nine ways you can destroy or dispose of these cards. Read more.

Cell phone

Looking for a cheap unlimited plan? This deal may be for you! Read more.

🎉 3 Can't-Miss Deals Today

From phone plans to streaming services, here are the top three limited-time deals as of March 22, 2024.

Phone Plans


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💸 17: Number of record-closing highs the S&P 500 reached in the first 50 days of this year. That’s the most during the first 50 days of a year since 1998.

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In this special edition of the podcast, Clark talks with Wes Moss, a fiduciary fee only financial planner and host of the Retire Sooner podcast. Watch as Clark and Wes discuss must-know investing topics and answer your questions.

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