A credit card perk Clark calls ‘fantastic’ (6 11 14)

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Discover card

If you have a Discover credit card or bank account, you now get a free perk that excites Clark. Here’s what it is and how it works. Read more.


Eyeglasses don’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. Here’s where you’ll find affordable, quality glasses, including a major update on Clark’s long-time favorite option. Read more.

Social Security

Clark encourages everyone to wait until 70 years old to take Social Security if at all possible. But if you’ve already started receiving benefits, there’s a way to reverse the process. Read more.


When you’re on vacation or otherwise away from home, you worry about your mail. Did you know you can set up a free mail hold with your local post office? Read more.

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Some credit card bonuses are worth (much!) more than $500. What’s the best bonus you ever scored?

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💸 65%: Share of middle-class Americans who say they’re struggling financially. “While many of these people said they are able to afford the most basic expenses, they expressed concern about their inability to save for the future.” Nearly half of the middle-class survey respondents don’t have $500 saved for emergencies.

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From car loans to mortgage information to tax returns, Clark explains what documents you need to keep and how long you need to keep them. Also, older people are swindled out of more than $3 billion each year. The average amount stolen is just under $35,000. If you have aging parents or loved ones, Clark shares key advice you need to know to help protect them.

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