How to get an 800 credit score (2 7 24)

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High credit score

Want to move your credit score from good to great? Your greatest asset may be time, as this credit score expert explains. Read more.


You open your mail and find you’re eligible for a class-action lawsuit. Sometimes the notice cites a giant dollar figure. How much money can you really expect if you join? Read more.


You want to watch your favorite show, movies or live sports when you travel outside the U.S. only to find you can’t access your streaming service. Here’s what to expect and what you can do. Read more.

Credit card companies

Clark names this credit card as his favorite travel rewards option. Here are Team Clark’s other favorites. We also explain whether you should get an annual-fee rewards card. Read more.


This prepaid cell phone provider on the Verizon network is offering a three-month discount as low as $5 a month for new customers. Read more.

Southwest Airlines airplane

Travel with the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass without taking 100 flights or collecting 135,000 points. Here’s how this limited-time offer works for new credit card holders. Read more.

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Check out our updated list of high-yield savings accounts with the highest rates. Here are the top five APYs on our list as of February 7, 2024.

Savings Rates as of January 31, 2024
💵 Clark’s Investment Mistake: Investing in Chinese Stocks

Clark fondly calls his investment style “slow and steady,” “boring” and “simple.”

He loves broad index funds. He often advocates for a total stock market index fund, an international fund and a bond fund – ideally at a place like Vanguard with the lowest possible fees.

Clark bets heavily on the overall U.S. economy with a total stock market fund. But he says he takes a bigger position internationally than most Americans.

However, even Clark is not immune to trying to spice up his returns. He once bought a Chinese index fund in what he calls “an act of hubris.”

“China was this growing economic power,” Clark says on the Jan. 30 podcast. “I was like, ‘Well, they’re growing much faster than us.’

“Wow, did I end up being an idiot. Because, well, Chinese investments have not done well. Even as the Chinese economy grew and grew and grew.”

As harsh as Clark is on himself about that decision, he’s OK with you taking a few risks and making a few mistakes. He often references Charles Schwab’s “core and explore” philosophy.

That means sticking to tried-and-true “boring” investments for ~95% of your portfolio. And taking calculated risks with the other ~5%.

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👟 $325 million: The unsold Yeezy inventory that Adidas still retains. The shoe company announced it will in fact sell the sneakers, which it has held since cutting ties with Kayne West on Oct. 25, 2022.

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Clark loves to share ways to help you save more money. Unfortunately, a money pit across America is food waste. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to prevent tossing food (and your hard-earned cash) in the trash. Also, we get so many questions about I bonds. Now that rates are changing, is it time to sell? Clark explains everything you need to know.

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