Ideal thermostat setting for summer (5 15 24)

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Deciding an appropriate temperature for your thermostat during the summer can be the subject of a fierce debate. Here’s how Clark handles it. Read more.


If your goal is to become a millionaire someday, it’s easier than you think. Read this to find out how to do it. Read more.

Airline Counter

Several airlines have experienced major issues that caused severe delays and even cancellations. What’s the best way to reach customer service to get a solution? We did the research so you don’t have to. Read more.


If you’re paying for cable or even for a live TV streaming service, this guide can help you cut your bill in just a few simple steps. Read more.

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Check out our updated list of high-yield savings accounts with the highest rates. Here are the top five APYs on our list as of May 15, 2024.

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🚘️ 82%: The percentage of consumers who are open to selling a car online, according to CarGurus. This is up from 77% in 2022.

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A new report discovered that one third of car buyers go straight to the dealership without doing any research in advance. Find out why Clark is so shocked and the steps you need to take before you purchase a vehicle. Also, American Airlines is making a big change to how fliers earn rewards. But it goes beyond airlines. There are several issues for travelers redeeming awards right now. Clark explains everything you need to know. Plus, Clark shares a tool that can help you see hotel ripoff fees before you book and his favorite ways to score a deal on a room.

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