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Later in this email, find out why Clark wants you to think twice before buying short-term rental properties right now.

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🏠️ Clark Cautions Potential Short-Term Rental Property Buyers

Palm Springs, California, became the latest city to pass a law that impedes the free operation of short-term rental properties such as Airbnb.

That list includes New York, Honolulu, San Francisco, Memphis and New Orleans – as well as many countries and cities around the world.

It’s understandable on some levels. Short-term rentals don’t always make great neighbors to local homeowners. And in some cases, they’ve led to massive corporate purchases, driving up prices and limiting home inventory.

“If you’re willing to be a hotelier, you can make a lot more money on short-term rental if you’re in a vacation area or even if you’re not. But the game keeps changing,” Clark says.

“In New York when the city passed tight restrictions that outlawed almost all Airbnbs in the city. And people had properties they bought only for short-term rentals. They had to sell or go to long-term rentals where the economics aren’t nearly as favorable.”

Owning and operating a short-term rental has become a popular side hustle. But for now, Clark says you should be wary before purchasing a property that you intend to use in this way.

“Make sure the math works if the homeowners association, condo association or local government bans short-term rentals,” Clark says. “Can you still make a clear economic case that you’re going to be cash-flow positive anyway?

“If you can’t make that case, you’ve gotta have the resources to float a property where you’re losing money on it. And potentially sell a property at a loss.”

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