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Later in this email, find out why Clark wants you to stop buying Visa gift cards (and others) off the rack at retail stores.

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🎁 Warning: Don’t Buy Gift Cards From Store Racks

Clark is not a fan of gift cards. He thinks cash is always better as a gift.

In addition to the obvious — gift cards often go unused, must be used at a specific store, can eventually expire — gift card scams often run rampant.

Clark’s latest warning on the Feb. 15 podcast involves the Visa Vanilla eGift Card. These act like preloaded debit cards for the recipient.

Visa loves these cards. As Clark often mentions, the “Visa-Mastercard cartel” charges high transaction fees.

“So they want to create new products they can get in your hands and get more fees from,” Clark says. “Including the ‘Vanilla’ product which is in the news because of a class-action lawsuit against Visa.”

Buying these cards from the rack inside a retail store is a no-no. Criminals grab stacks of them, the reporting alleges. They scrape off the back, find the PIN code, drain the money, paint them back and put them back in the store, Clark says.

So when you go to use one that criminals have drained, there’s no money on it.

“The criminals are helping themselves to a feast on other people’s money,” Clark says.

“Until there’s proper security on gift cards out on display racks, do not buy them. Visa? Come on. Why aren’t you doing anything about it and being so cynical and disrespectful about other people’s money?”

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