The average new car price in America right now (5 14 24)

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You won’t believe the average price of a new car right now. Read more.

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Clark only makes secure payments when he shops online. We have the info you need to protect yourself this coming summer. Read more.


Clark says to “never, never not ever” invest with an insurance company. What’s Clark’s advice if my employer puts my 401(k) plan with a high-cost insurance company? Read more.


Switching to a discount carrier is probably the best way to lower your cell phone bill, but we know that many people want to stay with T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon. We created this guide so you can find the best plan for your life. Read more.

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💸 $999: The cost of Apple’s new iPad Pro. The tech giant also announced a new iPad Air which starts at $599. If you like Apple products but hate the high prices, we have a guide on how to pay less.

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We love to help you save money, but there’s more to consider with auto insurance. Clark has long believed that the best auto insurers provide the best customer service when you need them the most. There’s a new report with a surprising list of companies that you need to check out. Also, Clark really doesn’t like non-compete clauses. The Federal Trade Commission has a new rule designed to ban non-competes in the workforce. Clark explains why these agreements stink so badly and why he’s so excited that non-competes may finally end soon.

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