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🍊 Orange Juice in Crisis As Prices Spike

Did you know that most orange juice brands are unhealthy?

According to, “though nutritionally similar to whole oranges, orange juice provides very little fiber but twice the calories and sugar.”

Why are we telling you this? To try to help your wallet! Orange juice prices just hit an all-time high of $4.87 per pound. That’s about five times what it cost in 2020.

Florida, which reminds you that it’s renowned for oranges as soon as you cross the state line, has seen a heavy contraction in output. Fields of orange trees have given way to lucrative housing developments. Hurricanes and a disease called “citrus greening” also have made a negative impact.

Putting aside the Sunshine State, Brazil accounts for 70% of all orange juice exports. Brazil has experienced three straight poor crop yields. That led a senior beverages analyst to remark that the orange juice industry is “in crisis.”

In addition to higher prices, industry experts say companies will use lower-quality juice and mix in juices with other fruits.

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💸 $140: The median amount saved after successfully negotiating the price of an appliance at Best Buy and Lowe’s. Less than 25% of people shopping for an appliance attempt to negotiate the price.

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