New report: 10 best value cars in 2024 (2 22 24)

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iSeeCars just issued its category awards for the best cars based on price, average lifespan in miles and more. Read more.

Clark Howard hotel deals

Clark always books refundable hotel rooms. Here’s how he leaves himself the flexibility to get a better hotel price or get his money back if his trip gets canceled. Read more.


A teenager has earned good money in high school. What’s the best thing she can do with that money until she needs it to pay for college? Read more.


Venmo will tell the world how you’re spending every dollar if you let it. Here’s exactly what to do to make sure you’re keeping transactions private. Read more.

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“So the four giant monsters are Chase, Citi, Bank of America and Wells Fargo. And then you’ve got a bunch of these super regionals. When you want to have your savings or CDs with any of them is never. Never. CDs? Never. Savings? Never. Because they will rip you off.”

Clark Howard, Feb. 22 podcast
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💊 4.7%: The median increase in the price of medications in the United States in January. That’s better than it’s been in years – but it’s still outpacing overall inflation (3.1% in January). Here are 10 ways to save on prescription drugs.

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The big cell phone companies are pushing prices up, but cheaper options exist! Clark dives into the phone plan market and shares practical ways to help you save. He also has something positive to say about the cable monsters! Also, you may hear about getting a second opinion in a medical setting or for a repair quote, but many of us don’t make the effort to do it. Clark explains why it may be costing you big bucks.

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