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“It all starts with a shift” Find out how to shift your mentality around saving money later on in this email.

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💵 How To Live on Less Than You Make

Many Americans struggle because we spend more money than we make.

“Financial planners will tell me people don’t know what to do. ‘I haven’t been able to save money.’ And then they’ll start going through questions with you and find out, well, you owe Visa this, and you owe Mastercard that, and you owe on this seven-year car loan and you have this and that and the other,” Clark says.

“It all starts with a shift. It’s all about you doing a full mental reset where you with every dollar you make, you set up that you’re living on less than that dollar.”

Saving 10 cents of every dollar you make is a minimum baseline, Clark says. But if you’ve never done it, start with one measly penny per dollar. Put it into your workplace retirement plan, a Roth IRA or even a high-yield online savings account.

Then, every six months, increase the amount you put aside by another cent. In a year, you’ll save two cents per dollar. In three years, it’ll reach six cents. And in five years, you’ll reach that baseline of 10 cents per dollar.

“You build habits steadily,” Clark says. “You didn’t hear me say you stop at a dime of every dollar. You keep going until it becomes impossible for you to save more.

“So much in life is our mentality. And that’s my challenge to you. Is to try to rethink it. And learn to live on less than what you make.”

📊 Stat of the Day

🕰️ 106: Years ago when the United States first instituted Daylight Savings Time. Instituted as a wartime measure for seven months during World War I for efficiency, the U.S. brought back “War Time” on a year-round basis during World War II.

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Internet prices can be so expensive. A few years ago, Clark discovered deals with wireless carriers like T-Mobile, but prices are going up. Clark has essential tips you need to know to lower your internet bill. Also, unfortunately, there’s a financial literacy gender gap in the United States. Clark and Christa review several steps you can take to empower your wallet as a woman.

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