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Looking to hire local pros such as exterminators and electricians? Find out why you should shun Google later on in this email.

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💵 Shun Google When Hiring Local Pros Such As Electricians and Exterminators

It’s hard to find trustworthy local mechanics, exterminators, electricians, locksmiths, appliance repair and other pros.

National rollups – where private equity buys out dozens or hundreds of small local businesses in the same industry – are one factor. Because they often retain the name of the local business, you may not know you’re dealing with a company that may be anything but local at heart.

But a real underlying issue is that Google’s search results have become more and more ad-driven.

“Doing a Google search for a local service provider is a recipe for disaster,” Clark says.

“It’s the kind of thing Google could clean up. They have made no effort in this area because obviously all they’re chasing are the dollars.”

Instead, Clark recommends you turn to Nextdoor, a gated neighborhood app that can help you fetch recommendations from real people. He also suggests joining local Facebook groups and asking members for various recommendations.

Another solution is Angi (formerly Angie’s List), which specializes in finding vetted options in your area for these types of jobs.

You could also try an alternative search engine such as DuckDuckGo.

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📺️ $61: The amount the average American household pays per month for streaming. That’s up 27% from 2023 ($48/month). About 48% say they would cancel even their favorite streaming service this year with another price increase of just $5.

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