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Watching the Super Bowl is a lot of fun and highly entertaining. But did you know the show is a revenue-generating powerhouse? Find out more later on in this email.

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🏈 Super Bowl LVIII: A Look at the Business Side

Maybe you’re glued to a big-screen TV every Sunday during the NFL season like Clark Howard. Or maybe they couldn’t pay you to watch a single game.

But there’s no denying that Super Bowl LVIII between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs is an example of capitalism and big business.

Let’s look at some of the numbers:

  • 115.1 million: Record number of viewers for a Super Bowl. Set last year, that’s the second-most watched TV broadcast ever (behind the first human moon landing). That defies gravity, as TV and entertainment gets more splintered every year.

  • 5,500 miles: The distance that Taylor Swift is expected to travel from Tokyo to Las Vegas to attend Super Bowl LVIII. Swift is dating Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce. Of course, Swift’s connection to the Chiefs is a major reason why people are optimistic the CBS broadcast could challenge last year’s viewership record.

  • $1.25 billion: The amount of money that U.S. bettors are expected to wager on the Super Bowl at legal sportsbooks. About 73.5 millionAmericans, 1 in 5 American adults, wagered on the NFL last year.

  • $7 million: The price tag on 30-second commercials that CBS charged before it “virtually” sold out in November. Networks typically hold back a few small pieces of inventory in order to charge a premium on it closer to the game.

  • $9,850: The average purchase price of a ticket for Super Bowl LVIII as of earlier this week.

  • $0: The amount of money that Usher will get paid to be the Super Bowl halftime show headliner this year. Halftime show artists don’t get paid in cash.

  • $5.6 million: The estimated amount of earned media value that Rihanna generated for her brand Fenty after headlining last year’s Super Bowl halftime show.

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💸 $16 billion: Total customer claims against bankrupt crypto exchange FTX. Despite $9 billion in unaccounted-for customer deposits, the defunct exchange announced it will be able to repay all customers in full. (It will only pay out the value of each customer’s holdings at the time the company went under. Bitcoin’s price has increased about 2.5x since then.)

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