The real cost of air duct cleanings (6 10 24)

There is a company really impressing investors and it may not be one that you think. Find out who they are later in this email.

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Air Duct Cleaning

You need to clean your air ducts every seven to 10 years to get the best out of your A/C. But the industry is ripe with scams. Here’s how to do it right. Read more.

Unlocked Phone

Some phones cost four figures only to lock you into a specific network. Team Clark explains what an unlocked phone is and where to buy one. Read more.


Turn a small amount of money into seven figures of cash with a little discipline and a lot of time. Here’s a look at the incredible math. Read more.

Credit Card Statement

Clark doesn’t recommend mailing a check to pay for bills such as credit cards. But if you do, definitely avoid this risky move that plays right into the hands of criminals. Read more.

🏠️ Today’s Current Mortgage Rates

According to Freddie Mac, 30-year mortgage rates are 6.99% and 15-year rates are 6.29% as of June 6, 2024. The following chart shows the 30-year mortgage rate trend over the last year.

🖥️ Chip Maker Nvidia Continues To Impress Investors

Move aside, Tesla. The new stock market darling has been and continues to be Nvidia. The company makes some of the most sought-after graphics cards for gaming, AI and more.

The stock price has increased nearly 225% in the last year and more than 3,200% (!) in the last five years.

Nvidia boasts a market cap of roughly $3 trillion. It surpassed Apple last week to become the second-most valuable publicly-traded company.

Considering the company employs 29,600 people, its per-employee market cap is off the charts. It’s more than five times higher than Apple and Meta, two of the closest competitors.

Chartr recently compiled a list of some of the biggest companies based on per-employee market cap.

Nvidia: $102 million
Apple: $19 million
Meta: $19 million
Microsoft: $14 million
Alphabet: $12 million
Tesla: $4 million
JPMorgan: $1.8 Million
Amazon: $1.2 million
Walmart: $300,000

Just as a reminder, Clark discourages you from investing in individual stocks, especially with any sizable percentage of your portfolio.

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📷️ 35%: Share of retailers who say they’re considering body cams for employees to battle shoplifters. TJ Maxx, HomeGoods and Marshalls stores now require associates to wear the cameras.

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