How to stop spam text messages (5 24 24)

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Spam text messages are annoying – and potentially dangerous. Here’s how to report and stop them from attacking your phone. Read more.

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Home insurance prices have skyrocketed. Is there anything you can do to lower your bill? Here are 9 things that work. Read more.


Zenni was one of the top-rated places to buy eyeglasses, but that’s no longer the case. So should you still consider buying glasses from Zenni? Here are six things to know before you do. Read more.


Weddings can be a really fun celebration. But if you’re traveling for someone’s big day, there’s one major mistake you don’t want to make. Read more.

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From credit cards to phone plans to streaming services and more, here are the top limited-time deals as of May 24, 2024.

Credit Cards

Phone Plans

  • Consumer Cellular: Buy your first month of service and get your second month free with promo code MONTHFREE.

  • Mint Mobile: All plans are $15 per month for a limited time, including unlimited (new customers only).

  • Visible: Get your first three months of service for $15/month with promo code MOOLAH (new customers only).


  • YouTube TV: Free trial, then $15 off your first three months.

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💸 $1,384: The average amount that parents give adult children every month. That’s more than $17,000 each year. When do you think the cut-off should be for adult kids receiving money from parents? We want to hear from you!

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Clark has never been a fan of brand names. Recent data says more than 25% of sales in grocery stores are private label. This is up from 15% from a few years ago. This incredible change signals the power of consumer choice – and really excites Clark! Plus, Walmart has a new brand name aimed to compete with Target, and it sounds like it may be a win. Also, Hawaii is cracking down on short-term rentals. Clark predicts several more states and cities will follow. If you plan to purchase a property as a short-term rental, Clark has a key rule you really need to know.

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