Should you tip staff on a cruise? (5 9 24)

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More businesses now rely on the public to tip their workers. Experiencing tip overload? Here’s what Clark does on cruises and what he recommends. Read more.


Our customized chart helps you watch free movies on legal, trustworthy sites. We provide you with options based on genre and ad frequency. Read more.


For as little as $50 a year, you can get a 3% IRA match, a 3% cash back credit card and 5% interest on savings. Is Robinhood’s premium membership worth the price? Read more.


If you’re looking for a cell phone plan with hotspot data, you can find plans as cheap as $25 per month. Here’s a look at the best plans hand-picked by our cell phone expert. Read more.


Are you a sports fan who subscribes to Disney+? You may have some good news coming soon! Read more.

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🏥 51: The number of healthcare centers that Walmart is closing this year because it’s not a “sustainable business model” for the retail giant.

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There’s a new movement where some financial advisors are charging flat fees instead of the standard 1% of assets under management. Clark is beyond excited to tell you how it works and why it’s so great. Plus, he emphasizes his #1 rule for finding an advisor. Also, dental care is essential for our health, but treatments can be very costly. Clark has a big warning you need to hear before your next appointment.

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