Top 10 hybrid and electric cars (5 7 24)

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Electric Car Charge

If you need a new car and you want better fuel efficiency (or no fuel at all), check out this list! Read more.

Power Wash

With an investment of less than $200, you can save hundreds of dollars this summer. Pressure wash these items instead of buying new ones. Read more.

Credit Freeze

A credit lock and a credit freeze may sound the same. But don’t be fooled. Only one really protects you. Read more to understand what to do. Read more.


You’re probably used to declining upsells at the counter for warranties, upgrades and insurance. But you may need to think twice at the U-Haul counter, as Clark explains. Read more.

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💸 $12.34: The amount that $1.60 in 1971 is worth today because of inflation. Clark says that he earned $1.60 as a young worker.

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It feels like advertisements for products and companies are following us everywhere. Is it cool or creepy? Let us know what you think in the comments. Also, there’s good news for teens who are looking for summer jobs. Luckily, it’s a great time to find work!

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