Top 10 most stolen cars (3 7 24)

Later in this email, find out how far TV prices have fallen since 2000.

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📺️ Price of TVs, College Going Opposite Directions Since 2000

Clark geeked out about big-screen TV sales around the Super Bowl in February, which we reported here in the newsletter.

As it turns out, there’s a strong historical basis for Clark’s excitement.

The federal government uses CPI as a proxy for our nation’s inflation rate.

Here are percentage changes from some of those elements since 2000. Note that TV prices have fallen nearly 100% since the start of the 21st century(!). But good luck if you’re going to pay for a child’s college.

  • College tuition and fees: +185%

  • Medical care: +133%

  • Housing: +97%

  • New vehicles: +25%

  • Phone services: -6%

  • Computer software: -74%

  • TVs: -98%

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🐶 $53.2 billion: The amount of money that Americans spent on pet food in 2023. Dog food ($36.7 billion) makes up nearly 70% of that total.

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Great news: Younger generations are investing more and more. Clark is excited to see investing become so approachable. It’s a great way to build wealth! Also, Target just introduced a new, affordable brand. The bargains just keep getting better!

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