A travel agent spills her best secrets (5 17 24)

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Team Clark’s resident travel expert has decades of experience. Here are her tried and true resources for booking cheap trips. Read more.


Here are the things you can get deleted from Google’s search engine and how to do it. Read more.

Plain credit card

Have you ever noticed unexplained small charges on your credit card? These “preauthorization” charges aren’t a scam and don’t cost you anything. Here’s what they are and how they work. Read more.

Long Term

This popular type of investment can set you up for long-term retirement success, Clark says. Learn how index funds work and where your money goes when you choose one. Read more.

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From credit cards to phone plans to streaming services and more, here are the top limited-time deals as of May 17, 2024.

Credit Cards

  • Two of Clark’s favorite travel cards are offering limited-time bonuses right now. Learn more.

Phone Plans


  • Paramount+: Get 50% OFF an annual Paramount+ w/ SHOWTIME plan w/ code THECHI.


  • JustAnswer: Save 10% OFF Monthly Plans at JustAnswer.com with promo code SAVE10 at checkout.

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💸 50: The number of top metro areas where it’s cheaper to rent than buy, according to Bankrate. The study discovered that it’s 37% more expensive to buy a home than rent right now in all major U.S. cities.

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After switching internet providers, Clark received a “sleazy” sales call that made him do a double take. Clark explains his experience and what he learned after some digging so it won’t happen to you. Also, we love our pets but vet bills can be incredibly expensive. There are a few things you can do to save money before your next visit with your fluffy friend.

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