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Later in this email, asking yourself this simple question can go a long way toward reducing your spending.

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💵 Reduce Your Spending By Separating Wants vs. Needs

The impulse to buy items on sale has only gotten harder to resist. Consider smartphones, targeted ads based on our data and data that has helped marketing teams perfect their pitches.

“What has changed is how hard it is for us to control our wants. Because the impulses to spend are everywhere,” Clark says.

He often tells people to spend less than they make. And a simple way to reduce your spending is to ask yourself for every single dollar you spend … is this a need or is this a want?

People respect Clark’s ability to make smart decisions with his own money. But even Clark can be susceptible to impulse purchases for items on deep discount.

Recently, he found a winter clearance sale. He loaded his online cart with beanies, outer layers and winter coats. Then he set aside the cart.

“Not to try to get an even bigger discount. But to think about it,” he says.

Later that day, he asked himself if he really needed those items.

“I’d put all those different kinds of items in my cart because the items were for sale up to 90% off. And there’s this thing that happens to us. It’s like endorphins from running,” Clark says.

“We see, ‘Sale, sale, sale! FINAL CLEARANCE! 70, 80, 90% off! And we’re all over it. And before you know it, you’ve bought things you don’t need.”

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More than 40% of homeowners over the age of 65 are still carrying a mortgage. There are several reasons why this is so concerning to Clark. Also, there’s a crazy story involving an airline, a customer, and a chatbot. Is chatting with bot online a safe way to resolve issues?

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